Here are a few of our client’s real life testimonials, progress photos and 16 week transformations!

Lucy: 16 week fatloss guide client
(progress photo below taken 5 weeks into her guide)


Aimee: 16 Week Fatloss Guide Client


A little intro on my background … I have been on a weight loss journey for a good few years now (around 7 years), as a teenager I carried a lot of weight particularly on and around my abdomen… not the puppy kind either! At 17 years old I weighed 13st 8lbs and was very un-healthy, un-fit and UN-HAPPY! Between the ages of 17 and 21 I managed to lose 4 stone and got to a healthy weight but then hit a brick wall. I found it so hard to stick to an eating regime and found that I binge ate very often and could not tone my body and workout effectively and healthily. Although I was a good weight my eating habits and workout routines where not safe and did not support a healthy lifestyle and I wasn’t getting any sort of results.

I had been following Team Lean UK for some time on Instagram and love love love the page! decided to e-mail them for some support. I received an almost instant reply with a honest and warm response which prompt me to purchase the 12 week fat loss programme.
The info in the food pack is fantastic – especially if you’re not familiar with macro’s and counting your protein, fat and carb ratio and know how they support your body and fat loss journey. The nutrition guide is honestly so good! Simple to understand and gives examples for you to familiarise yourself with and know how to tailor it to yourself. I loved that it included eating out and cheat meals… as let’s be honest we all need these on occasions 😉

The first split of the training pack was like a dream! I followed the guide which gave advice and support of what area of my body to focus on during the week with combined HIIT and LISS workouts and the results where amazing (as per my pics of week 4 and week 12). I think I found it easy to follow as it was realistic and designed solely for me and I was allowed to eat – YUMMY protein treats form the free treats pack. I could go to the gym, work on glutes and legs…. Come home and eat a brownie?? Yes a brownie… what is not to love! So glad this programme was introduced!! So thankful!

In the first week I stuck to the programme and didn’t struggle to keep on track but I did struggle with the whole macro counting and found I kept returning to my guide for advice but all the answers to my questions where in the guide! So after a few slips, I got it and find I eat so much better now. I did have a few trips and slips in week 2 but from then on the guide became my lifestyle and still is now! Cant reiterate enough how easy and adjustable the programme is. Thanks so much team Lean!!!!

Kind regards,



Rebecca: Girls 16 week fatloss guide client
(progress photo below taken just 8 weeks into her plan)


Laura: Nutrional Consultation client
( Currently Following the ‘Nutrition for Fatloss Help Pack’ post consultation)


” Hurrah for eating more & getting lean!! Thank you to Courtney & Team Lean for showing me the light. I was skeptical to start but I can’t argue with my own photos which I know 100% are real, no photo shopping here!
Back in April & May I was training hard after getting back from a 3 week holiday but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted so I knew something was a miss. I did some research and came across Courtney on Instagram and thought ‘this girl knows her shit’. We agreed to meet and go through my diet. I sent her my food diary and when she told me my diet was really healthy and I was eating the right foods but NOT ENOUGH…..hearing those words was music to my ears. Yes I was hungry, ALL the time. I was thinking, legit I’ve been starving myself all this time?! #idiot.
Anyway I got my nutrition plan with macro breakdown including how to track them with a full nutrition guide full of yummy recipes & treats. Courtney also encouraged me to take progress photos so I did the first one before I started and when I took it I was never intending to share it with anyone because I was embarrassed.
Wk 1; I felt like crap, I won’t lie I was bloated & felt bigger than I ever had but I knew I had to stick with it as what I had been doing wasn’t working anyway.
Week 2 , I was getting my groove back, more energy at the gym and not feeling hungry at all. I also switched up my training to incorporate more HIT and body weight training.
By wk 3 I was starting to see results and by wk 4 I knew it was working by this photo as well as feeling leaner & stronger.
I weighed myself before I started and at end of week 4…..I had gained weight but ha I didn’t care because the pictures speak for themselves. I was really surprised at the results because I had some slip ups and wasn’t 100% during the 4 wks (realistically more like 75/80%)
Anyway…moral of the story, get off the sad step, take photos for motivation and eat more of the right food!! This means thinking ahead, prepping and if you have a sneaky treat be honest about it then rein it in for the rest of the day or the next.
Staying lean and strong is a journey not a race.
Laura x”
Instagram: @laurahogie


16 Week Fat Loss Transformation Guide Client

(testimonial and progress photos sent in via email)IMG_5421

IMG_5420Hey, I’ve just started Week 7 of your fat loss programme and wanted to say how much I love it. I love your recipes, I love the training plans… The variety is amazing, I am excited about training every single day and read up the night before to make sure I know what exercises to do! I have a motivation & dedication for eating well and training like I never had before and am so proud that I’m tackling some really challenging exercises and conquering them. It’s awesome!
If I’m being honest, at end of week 4 I was being a bit impatient & feeling really quite disheartened… I personally couldn’t see any changes, my weight was remaining the same and I was sticking to the plan religiously. However Im so happy to say that yesterday was a turning point… I compared my end of week 6 photo with my starting photo and am so bloody thrilled with the results!!! I’ve attached just so I can show the progress … (If you want to share that’s ok but would rather not be named). I know I still have a long way to go… But seeing even this small difference in 6weeks has given me the drive I needed. (FYI I have stopped with worrying about actual weight now realising I’m building muscle and changing my body shape longer term). Anyway, Thank you so much for a fantastic programme, Here’s to the remaining 10 weeks…and well beyond… I’m convinced this is life changing in a hugely positive way!


Simone: Get lean at home guide client
(progress photo after completing her 8 week plan)


Charlotte Martin: 16 Week Fat Loss Transformation Guide Client
(testimonial sent in via email)
Firstly, I’d love to say THANK YOU for finally releasing a guide that I’m really excited about. I printed both the recipe packs off in work and am heading to the gym for my first session tonight. I’ve tried numerous training programmes before (most recently the LDN Muscle bikini guide), which I liked due to the element of weights, but found the ‘add your own HIIT’ element hard to follow as I’d just skip it. Also, my macros in terms of calories weren’t dissimilar, however i was meant to eat 215g of carbs and 134g protein – quite different to the 150/200 now! I’m hoping that finally this macro split will work for me, as ultimately I do want to lose body fat as well as preserving muscle tone. I’ve tried Kayla Itsines’ guides before, and although I hated the circuits, they were done fast and I felt a really great sense of achievement when finished, so the fact that your guide incorporates both circuits AND strength training is absolutely great – and can I just say your recipes and protein treats are what I’ve been waiting for my whole life haha! Sorry for the rambling, and again thanks for releasing such a great guide – at such an affordable price! I look forward to 16 weeks time 🙂


Holly Conte: 16 Week Fat Loss Transformation Guide Client
(transformation photo sent in via email)


Jenna McCormick, 27: 8 Week Get Lean at Home Client
(testimonial and photos below sent in via email)
I purchased team lean UK 8 week at home guide a little over a week ago and all I can say is it is amazing!!! Thank you so much I’m absolutely loving the programme ! I work away a lot which results in days/nights in hotel rooms often without access to gyms however the workouts have been fab with team lean’s programme anywhere can be your gym ! And let’s not forget the copious amounts of delicious food that I can eat , Can’t believe just how much I haven’t been eating in the past! The recipes are delicious and the sweet treat recipes.. well they are to die for and who doesn’t love a sweet treat?! This combined with all the additional information that Iv received in my pack I can honestly say that this is no fad diet but a true lifestyle changing programme I feel fantastic , more satisfied , energetic and truly  excited to continue with this plan not only for the 8 weeks but for the foreseeable future 🙂

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Blaise: 16 Week Fat Loss guide client
(transformation photos and testimonial below sent in via email)

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On the left was my starting point and on the left was 8 weeks later. I used the 16 week fat loss guide and this was my halfway picture. My whole body shape changed, I’m happier and have so much more energy. I can’t explain how much this changed my life and my confidence. I’ve continued my fitness journey after the 16 week guide and here I am now a year down the line, happier, healthier, leaner and most importantly, confident in my own skin

‘@weightsandwaffles’: 16 Week Fat Loss Transformation Guide Client
(testimonial sent in via Instagram)
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