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Girl’s 16-Week Fat Loss Guide

5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)



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Product Description

A 16-week guide to transform your body into a maintainable, toned, fat burning machine. Three-part pack includes:

  • Training Pack – Two 8-week progressive splits using effective HIIT, metabolic and resistance workouts. Designed to provide motivating variation, whilst using the most effective exercises to help burn fat and tone up.
  • Nutrition Pack – Tailored macros; Education of macro tracking, IIFYM, glycaemic index, carb cycling, supplementation, meal prep, eating out, cheat meals, hydration, alcohol, pre and post workout nutrition; Exclusive supplement and Musclefood discounts; Education to Continue Your New Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle. *Note* this is not a 16 week personalised meal plan. It provides you with hundreds of healthy recipes, a macro food list and extensive information on nutrition for fatloss, so combined with your personalised training day and non training day macros, it gives you a solid basis for working out your daily meals without the fuss.
  • Recipe Pack – Providing over a hundred delicious healthy recipes. Consistent fat loss can only be achieved with effective nutrition. However, no sane person can stick to chicken, rice and broccoli. The recipe pack will keep you on track without falling out of love with eating.


Your transformation guide purchase gets you a FREE copy of our delicious ‘Perfect Protein Treats Pack’ containing 25+ guilt free macro-friendly high protein treats to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings the healthy way!

This guide is based on scientific research combined with nutrition that is enjoyable unlike most diets making results more achievable as you stick to the guide. It gives you all the guidance you need to achieve sustainable results, but will require dedication and hard work.


Calculator Descriptions

Descriptions for activity selection in the above calculator.

  • Sedentary = You live a sedentary lifestyle and will be only able to complete 1-2 training sessions from this pack a week
  • Light Active = You live a sedentary lifestyle and will only be able to complete 3-4 training sessions from this pack a week
  • Moderate Active = You are moderately active, and will follow this packs guidelines for amount of training, averaging 4-6 training sessions a week
  • Very Active = You are a very active individual, that will follow this packs training plan of recommended training sessions, but will also be partaking in other forms of activity each week, such as playing sport for over an hour a couple times a week or walking over 20 minutes to work each day
  • Extreme Active = You are a very active individual, that will follow this packs training plan of recommended training sessions, but also have a very labour intensive job, such as gardener, builder or personal trainer


3 reviews

  1. Sarah Karyn
    5 out of 5


    Learnt so much about nutrition and has helped me to loose 10kg in 6 weeks. Could not recommend more! Sarah, 22

  2. Faith Claudia
    5 out of 5


    Flexible training, diet is not too restrictive. Lots of simple changes to make my diet better. Got on with this plan much better than Bodycoach

  3. Sarah Johnson
    5 out of 5


    Gave me all the motivation I needed. Hard training, but totally worth it!

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