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Girls Workouts

Get Lean at Home Training Pack

The stand-alone training pack features all the exercises and sessions from the Get Lean at Home Guide without the nutritional guidance. Ideal for all those happy with their diets, but need a bit of guidance with their training.

  • Over 40 sessions designed to burn fat
  • All under 20 minutes
  • Can be done at home, no equipment necessary
  • Can be done anywhere, any time. Perfect for holidays or travelling
  • Challenging, quick and effective

Get Lean Training Pack

All the sessions from the 16-Week Girl’s Fat Loss Guide structured into two 8-week progressive splits using effective HIIT, Metabolic and Resistance Workouts.

  • Varied, motivating and challenging
  • Progressive sessions allowing you to increase strength whilst achieving your fat loss goals
  • Ideal if you have access to a gym and need some fresh routines and exercises to change things up

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