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About Team Lean


Luke, 25, has always been passionate about health and fitness. He gained a degree in physiotherapy and health sciences at university and became qualified as a chartered physiotherapist. He went on to work in elite professional sport for several years, helping train and develop athletes.

He spent 1000s of hours researching training and nutrition and through many years of trial and error, he found the most effective training strategies and nutritional structure for people of various fitness abilities. He applies his high-level research to helping others achieve their compositional goals.

After meeting Courtney early on during her studies, he was shocked at someone training as a professional dancer had such little knowledge about the correct approach to reaching an achievable and more importantly sustainable physique through health & fitness. Soon realising that many people are wrongly advised when it comes to reaching their goals through improper approaches to training and nutrition.

He decided that with his knowledge combined with Courtney’s personal experience and talent and passion for making lean gains tasty, they could create a company to develop a healthy & sustainable plan to help others like Courtney gain the necessary knowledge to transform their bodies for the better, without all of the unnecessary restriction and harsh discipline that is often associated with losing weight and getting into shape.


Back during her training at performing arts college, Courtney, 21, was told by teachers to “tone-up” and get “more ripped” without any real guidance on training or nutrition.

As there is a lot of pressure as a professional dancer surrounding physical appearance and body shape, she began to take action with any quick-fix drastic fad diet she could find on the Internet, as she had no proper knowledge or insight into how to begin her fitness journey. She typically spent hours on cardio machines after long days of back-to-back aerobic dance classes, whilst eating too little and not enough of the right things to help her achieve her goals.

After meeting Luke, she quickly realised the importance of combining tailored training and personalised nutrition, helping her finally get into the shape that was expected of her. She realised that food is her bodies fuel and she wasn’t going to achieve the sustainable body she was after by cutting calories and certain food groups all together, but by eating essential foods from all food group at correct times, focusing on fueling her body efficiently.

Courtney quickly developed a talent for creating the tastiest delicious recipes by finding alternative healthier ingredients to the foods she loves to eat, so that she could still enjoy all the meals she loves the healthier way!

She quickly gathered quite a following on instagram by sharing her tasty creations and inspiring lots of people to do the same! Check out her instagram @thecleaneatingguide for some mouth watering foodspiration!

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